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Thats a big job

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Plan to Remove Oil from Tanks Near Mount Redoubt

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Plan to Remove Oil from Tanks Near Mount Redoubt

Tue, March 31, 2009 
Posted in Alaska News

Officials are working out a plan to remove oil from the tanks at the Drift River Oil facility, which is located in a precarious position below Redoubt Volcano. About six million gallons of crude is currently sitting in two tanks at the facility. Three other tanks on site are empty and cleaned.

Annie Feidt, APRN – Anchorage

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Alaska doing well

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Alaska’s foreclosures aren’t as bad as you think

Alaska may be starting to feel the effects of the recession, but despite the increase, officials say Alaska is actually ahead of the curve in solving the problem. Basically it all boils down to being proactive in fighting for your home, before it becomes too late. “We are finding its mostly life events, people have an illness or a death or a job loss where they have no control over what causes them to be delinquent or go into foreclosure,” said Reno.

“If people go into it where they get adjustable rate mortgage, or they go into it with a pay option where they can’t afford the payment when it adjusts, then that is where we have problems,” said Reno. Problems that can be avoided just by getting the right information. “If you are having trouble with your mortgage, the very first phone call you should make is to your bank or mortgage company,”
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Here ya go…

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Israel’s Netanyahu vows to seek peace with Arabs

In this photo released by the Israeli Government Press Office, Benjamin

AP – In this photo released by the Israeli Government Press Office, Benjamin Netanyahu makes his first speech …

JERUSALEM – Benjamin Netanyahu, taking office as Israel’s new leader Tuesday, promised to seek “full peace” with the Arab and Muslim world, but refused to utter the words the world was waiting to hear: “Palestinian state.” The well-spoken, U.S.-educated hawk took pains to portray himself as a pragmatist, telling a packed parliament that Israel does not want to rule the Palestinians.

“Under the permanent status agreement, the Palestinians will have all the authority to rule themselves,” Netanyahu said in comments that appeared to hark back to a decades-old notion that peace could be achieved through limited Palestinian autonomy.

“Israel has always, and today more than ever, striven to reach full peace with the entire Arab and Muslim world,” he said.

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Big deals going down, suitcases of cash prpbably

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Anglo American mining leader visits Alaska

PEBBLE PROSPECT: Moody-Stuart defends mining giant’s record.

The British knight who chairs Anglo American, the London-based mining giant investing millions in the Pebble mine prospect, received a crash course last weekend in volcanoes, village life and what it is like to be at the center of an epic Alaska resource battle.

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Mark Moody-Stuart, chairman of Anglo American’s board.

Mark Moody-Stuart, a geologist in his late 60s who worked in the oil industry before coming to London-based Anglo, traveled to Iliamna and Dillingham on Saturday and Sunday for his first-ever Alaska visit. Bad weather and volcanic eruptions prevented him from getting to several additional Southwest villages, he said.

In Iliamna, villagers talked to him about improving communication between the mining companies and residents who have come to depend on Pebble jobs
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Palin miserably Failin’?

How else do you expect her to help her cronies push massive pork under the voters noses? Good thing the Capitol, Juneau, is inaccessible to all but 35k of the states roughly 600k population. It would be a whole different story if Anchorage was the capitol like it should be.
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Palin’s senate appointment creates fallout
Grussendorf meets with Kerttula asking her to stand in support of nomination
There is fallout from Gov. Sarah Palin’s choice to replace former Juneau Sen. Kim Elton, D- Juneau.

When Elton resigned in early April to join the Obama administration, Juneau democrats only nominated House Minority Leader Beth Kerttula, D- Juneau.

Sunday, Palin picked Sen. Lyman Hoffman’s, D-Bethel, Chief of Staff Tim Grussendorf.

Critics say the governor ignored the people of Juneau’s wishes. That criticism does not only come from party leaders. Kerttula says she feels the community needs to be listened to as the process now moves to a full senate vote.

Kerttula defines “community” as local party leaders. Grussendorf says it depends on which Juneau democrat you talk to. Grussendorf used to be a republican but recently registered as a democrat. He says he is a conservative “Eagan” democrat.

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Funny times Palin

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This picture is at the middle of an Internet controversy.
It’s a photo of and Governor Sarah Palin and I, on April 13th, 2008, at the end of the regular legislative session.
I interviewed her live and local photographer Dan Carpenter took this picture as a favor to me.
Months later, it is the center of allegations of a pregnancy cover up.

There are at least two web sites devoted to proving this picture is fake.
Bloggers have consulted so called experts who claim it is a composite; just different pictures photo shopped together.

They have used techniques like “ghosting” and point to parts of the photo that they say could not have been there like the darkened window, boxes in the hallway, and photographer Scott Favorite’s untucked shirt.
It is definitive proof, they say that this picture was altered to make Palin look pregnant.
They also claim I am part of the conspiracy: that I am helping Sarah Palin cover up her fake pregnancy.

Governor Sarah Palin Articles

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Ash falling on Anchortown

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Anchorage copes with ash fall

Mount Redoubt
It’s been 24 hours since Anchorage got its first ash fall from Mount Redoubt, and many of are probably still feeling the effects. Keep masks and goggles handy, because there could be another eruption.

To contact the Newsroom, call 907-274-1111.

Courtesy, Cyrus Read / Alaska Volcano Observatory
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