Wear Your Helmets People

Update: Time Out Retracts Their Report of Natasha Richardson’s Death

After originally reporting that Natasha Richardson had died, Time Out New York is now reporting that the actress, who was in a skiing accident yesterday, is not expected to survive her injuries.

Update: A Time Out spokesperson has retracted their original report that Richards had already succcumbed to her injuries. Their web site is currently downThe site’s back up, but the link is still not loading. According to their P.R., they are amending their post to report that Richardson is, and this is a direct quote, “brain dead and not expected to survive.” TMZ and new site IrishCentral.com, which first reported the news of Richardson’s ski accident, are reporting that Richardson is being moved by jet to a New York City hospital.

More Update: The new post on Time Out, posted at 1:58, read: “The following post appeared earlier this afternoon with the headline “RIP Natasha Richardson 1963-2009.” Since that time, TONY’s sources have clarified the situation: Richardson is brain dead but has not passed away. Sources close to the family indicate that they are treating it as a death. We will update you on this sad story as circumstances warrant. We apologize to the family and our readers.”

Citing “sources close to Richardson’s family and friends,” Time Out said those close to the actress are being notified of the sad news.

Richardson was taking a skiing lesson at Mont Tremblant in Quebec and took a spill. According to Bloomberg, she had seemed fine initially after the fall, laughing and joking with her instructors, but a few hours later complained of headaches and was rushed the hospital. The Cabaret star, who is the wife of actor Liam Neeson, was listed in critical condition when admitted to a Montreal hospital last night.

One response to “Wear Your Helmets People

  1. Natasha’s passing is a bit scary, especially since no one could tell that anything was wrong at first

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