Astana confident over Armstrong

Hopefully his surgery won’t be too complicated, and he won’t have to have a second surgery to remove a plate later or something. I want to see him in the Tour this year, see what he’s got.
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Astana confident over Armstrong

Lance Armstrong addresses the media

Armstrong uncertain about recovery

Astana team manager Johan Bruyneel believes cycling legend Lance Armstrong will be fit in time to race in both the Tour De France and the Giro D’Italia.

The 37-year-old American broke his collarbone in Spain’s Vuelta Castilla y Leon and is set to undergo surgery.

“I don’t think this changes anything for the Tour de France,” said Bruyneel.

The Tour starts on 4 July and Brunyeel also said that “it’s perfectly possible” Armstrong will be fit to ride in the Giro, which begins on 9 May.

He added: “A broken collarbone in the month of March does not at all compromise the start of the Tour de France or your performance in the Tour de France.”



Armstrong was caught up in an incident about 12 miles from the finish in the Vuelta Castilla y Leon on the first stage of the five-day event.

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2 responses to “Astana confident over Armstrong

  1. 4 breaks, screws, and a plate. Eh, he’s a tough-guy and we know he’s been through worse.

    I was really way more interested in seeing him in the Giro. You could just tell he was ramping up for that. Apparently, he’s gonna still try to go for it. You never know with that race. As long as he can hang around in the GC, he might still have a shot. One thing for sure, Giro could use a good shot of publicity.

  2. Yeah, I agree there. Climbing will be a bitch, but he’ll probably still be fit as hell for the Giro. We all know Lance does not take a day off the bike unless he is strapped into a hospital bed and hooked to an IV. This will cause a lot of speculation, and as any rock star knows, all press good or bad- is good press. Keeps cycling in the mainstream sports news.

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