Lance Mackey kicking some serious ass in the big AK

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Crossing Over into the Lance Mackey Zone

You unlock this door with the key to his imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of barking, a dimension of snow, a dimension of Gee and Haw, and thirteen hour runs. You’re moving into a vast northern land of aurora and substance, of things, ideas, and a 16 dog team with super canine powers. You’ve just crossed over into the Lance Mackey Zone.

Coming off the 24, Mackey reeled off a twelve and a half hour run into Iditarod, gave his team a six and a half hour rest, then worked in another 13 hour run into Anvik where he would declare his eight hour layover. In a day and a half of racing he had put five hours on his closest competitors who were still using six to seven hour runs between rests. You might say, he has entered into another dimension – the Lance Mackey Zone.
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