Still reeling by the news of Shane’s death

I cannot express the feeling I have adequately in words. For me to see the below picture, of the young and vibrant man, one of the best extreme skiers and base jumpers to ever live, a hero, husband, and father, to imagine his easy smile and positive vibe- that have moved on from this realm- is a shock still. The friends he left behind, those people he touched so deeply and inspired, and people like myself who only had mutual friends, but knew him from his sick lines in all the film work he did, it hurts and saddens me deeply. As a retired professional athlete myself I know what it is like to be at the top of a game with the top players in the world. And he lived that life for many many years, like very few have, and incorporated many skills into his filming and “stunts.” It is a long time of mourning I suppose, and not an easy one. I cannot imagine how difficult it is for his family and close friends, and my heart and prayers are with them at this time. He did die doing what he loved, but I am so sad it was an equipment failure that caused it, though at least it wasn’t from something depressing and mundane like a car wreck or cancer. Your memory burns on in all of us you touched and inspired.

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