Funny times Palin

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This picture is at the middle of an Internet controversy.
It’s a photo of and Governor Sarah Palin and I, on April 13th, 2008, at the end of the regular legislative session.
I interviewed her live and local photographer Dan Carpenter took this picture as a favor to me.
Months later, it is the center of allegations of a pregnancy cover up.

There are at least two web sites devoted to proving this picture is fake.
Bloggers have consulted so called experts who claim it is a composite; just different pictures photo shopped together.

They have used techniques like “ghosting” and point to parts of the photo that they say could not have been there like the darkened window, boxes in the hallway, and photographer Scott Favorite’s untucked shirt.
It is definitive proof, they say that this picture was altered to make Palin look pregnant.
They also claim I am part of the conspiracy: that I am helping Sarah Palin cover up her fake pregnancy.

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