Big deals going down, suitcases of cash prpbably

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Anglo American mining leader visits Alaska

PEBBLE PROSPECT: Moody-Stuart defends mining giant’s record.

The British knight who chairs Anglo American, the London-based mining giant investing millions in the Pebble mine prospect, received a crash course last weekend in volcanoes, village life and what it is like to be at the center of an epic Alaska resource battle.

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Mark Moody-Stuart, chairman of Anglo American’s board.

Mark Moody-Stuart, a geologist in his late 60s who worked in the oil industry before coming to London-based Anglo, traveled to Iliamna and Dillingham on Saturday and Sunday for his first-ever Alaska visit. Bad weather and volcanic eruptions prevented him from getting to several additional Southwest villages, he said.

In Iliamna, villagers talked to him about improving communication between the mining companies and residents who have come to depend on Pebble jobs
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