Palin miserably Failin’?

How else do you expect her to help her cronies push massive pork under the voters noses? Good thing the Capitol, Juneau, is inaccessible to all but 35k of the states roughly 600k population. It would be a whole different story if Anchorage was the capitol like it should be.
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Palin’s senate appointment creates fallout
Grussendorf meets with Kerttula asking her to stand in support of nomination
There is fallout from Gov. Sarah Palin’s choice to replace former Juneau Sen. Kim Elton, D- Juneau.

When Elton resigned in early April to join the Obama administration, Juneau democrats only nominated House Minority Leader Beth Kerttula, D- Juneau.

Sunday, Palin picked Sen. Lyman Hoffman’s, D-Bethel, Chief of Staff Tim Grussendorf.

Critics say the governor ignored the people of Juneau’s wishes. That criticism does not only come from party leaders. Kerttula says she feels the community needs to be listened to as the process now moves to a full senate vote.

Kerttula defines “community” as local party leaders. Grussendorf says it depends on which Juneau democrat you talk to. Grussendorf used to be a republican but recently registered as a democrat. He says he is a conservative “Eagan” democrat.

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