UMMM was that acting you did on film? RIIIIIGHT! Nice try loser.

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Arnie appears in new Terminator
California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appears in the new Terminator film – thanks to technology.

Arnold Schwarzenegger with Terminator Salvation poster
Schwarzenegger played the Terminator in three blockbuster films

An image of Schwarzenegger, who played the killer robot in the 1984 original, was inserted from earlier films because he was too busy to shoot new footage.

Schwarzenegger had said he was pleased by the prospect in case he wanted to “jump over again” into acting.

Governor Schwarzenegger says he has met with director McG – real name Joseph McGinty Nichol – and plans to attend the 14 May premiere of the film.

The “brief” cameo by Schwarzenegger was “a cool moment” but Christian Bale’s performance was “a little over the top at times”, the review – which claims to be the first – said.

Terminator Salvation, which stars Christian Bale as resistance leader John Connor, opens in the US on 21 May and in the UK on 3 June.

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