Funny drama in Italy

I want the riders safe, first and foremost, but I think certain personalities that get lots of media attention are driving the peloton to behave in ways that do disrespect the Giro and Milan.
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After stage 9, a furious Angelo Zomegnan, who is the Giro director had this to say:

“This [the rider protest] was premeditated. What’s more, hardly sitting on their bikes, the riders were obviously perplexed by certain features, fears that we shared, and we nuetralized the course. In the first 4 laps, they rode at 33 kilometers per hour, in the final three at 50 km/hr: The course was not that difficult. Yesterday at Bergamo, I cancelled all the celebrations, because not far away, there was a young man, Horrillo, who was at risk for his life. This gesture of the riders did not show respect to the Giro or to the people of Milano. The fact is that this circuit should continually have raised the action. It is necessary to get up into the saddle: When one becomes old, the legs grow shorter, the tongue grows longer.”

Source, Gazzetta dello Sport.

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