Ride. Your. Bikes. People.

clipped from 30daysofbiking.com

The ride’s the thing: Why I bike.


Guest post by Jeff Bean, @bikecrave, a writer in San Diego, CA, and the proprietor of BikeCrave (the good addiction).

Why do I ride?

That’s like asking me why I breathe.

Riding a bike is part of who I am. I’m a cyclist, as well as husband, father, uncle, brother and friend. I started cycling early in life with a Huffy, complete with banana seat and sissy bar. I later progressed to a coveted Schwinn newspaper bike with kick-back hub before reaching a holy grail of sorts in college in the 1980s with my first Bianchi in the glorious bluish green hue of Celeste #227. That road bike cost me an extra year in studies. I missed many a biology lab in lieu of epic rides away from “the city.” On a bicycle, I was free to unlock my mind and explore far beyond that which I could read in books or hear in lectures. Today, I alternate between two road bikes and a mountain bike, each loved equally and rotated by season or situation. And I keep exploring.

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